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White Owl Feather Wand

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$249.00 AUD

White Owl Feather Wand embodies the intuition, wisdom and purity of the Snowy Owl. This beautifully hand-crafted piece is is adorned with snow white goose, duck feathers with a flash or iridescent blue and a peacock feather central feature.

The crystal on the front is double terminated clear quartz, bound with white cow leather and suede.

Clear Quartz is good for manifesting, offering clarity and healing. The clear quartz point at the base of the wand is for channelling positive energy through the wand.

This beautifully hand crafted one-off piece was made in Australia with ethically sourced feathers and crystals. The wooden handle is a naturally fallen eucalyptus stick, which has been hand sanded to create a smooth finish. 

This Feather Wand has been cleansed with white sage and charged with Reiki. It has been made with the intention to bless you with healing, protective and positive energy.

White Owl Feather Wand can be used for space cleansing, shamanic work, healing and manifesting. It can be used in your own personal rituals or simply placed in your sacred space or altar.