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Pink Dolphin Spirit Bracelet

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Dolphin Spirit represents peace and harmony. This animal of the oceans is joyful, graceful, compassionate, intelligent, generous and protective. The Dolphin also symbolises cooperation and freedom. It holds a positive energy and it is often a symbol of love and freedom.

In many indigenous cultures, dolphins are believed to be spiritual guides and messengers, with the ability to communicate between humans and the divine. They are seen as symbols of transformation, healing, and renewal.

Made from sterling silver, Japanese glass beads and durable elastic band.

• Dimensions 17.5cm circumference
• Nickel free and hypoallergenic
• Free shipping orders over $80 within Australia

Indo-Pacific Pink Dolphin is found in the northern regions of Australia. Unlike other dolphins, this specials lives in small pods of 3-4 members. These dolphins are typically identified by their pink and grey colour.

Pink Dolphin Spirit Bracelet is pictured here with Deer Spirit Bracelet, and Gold filled paperclip bracelet. You will receive one Pink Dolphin Spirit Bracelet with your order.