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Forest Dreaming Long Natural Feather Earrings

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$102.00 AUD
Forest Dreaming Long Natural Feather Earrings are made from natural, ethically sourced feathers.
These stunning earrings sweep your shoulders to a length of 22cm and are super light.
The colours are inspired by the rich, mossy greens and earthy browns of the Daintree Rainforest of Australia.
Wear everyday to complete you Boho Princess look!

These earrings were handmade with love from feathers that were naturally moulted. They have been collected from sustainable farms, sanctuaries and my family's property.
As your feathers are hand selected and no two feathers are the same, they may vary slightly from the picture.
The earring are finished with sterling silver loops, for durability and comfort.
Forest Dreaming Feather Earrings were made with love, blessed and cleansed with burning sage to bring love and happiness to you.