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Birds of a Feather

Emerald Peacock Feather Wand

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$249.00 AUD

Emerald Peacock Feather Wand harnesses the energy of the peacock which is symbolic of beauty, transformation and prosperity.

This wand is hand crafted with nature's offerings of naturally moulted feathers and Banksia elder wood. The wooden handle has be hand sanded to create a smooth and natural finish. 

This feather wand is bound with cow leather and suede lacing and features a central Clear Quartz point.

Clear Quartz is the 'master healer' and may assist you with energy cleansing, manifesting and offering clarity of thought.

Shamanic Feather Wands are sacred instruments used since ancient times across many cultures to purify, protect, heal and manifest through their energetic vibration.

When you hold this wand in your hands you will sense it's beautiful powerful, healing & loving energy. 
Your wand will become your sacred and  precious power tool for cleansing, healing, rituals and shamanic work.

You may like to take some time to tune in or meditate with your wand's energy & spirit and give thanks and gratitude to the spirit of the birds that once flew the skies and that are now part of your magical wand.

Place on your Altar or special sacred place you in your home.