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Deer Spirit Animal Bracelet

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The Deer Animal Spirit Represents Sensitivity and Intuition.
Likewise, we are called upon to use our intuition when dealing with others. When you tap into a person's subtle energies, you may become aware of their good or bad intentions. The deer spirit animal reminds you to trust your intuition.

Deer Spirit Bracelet is made from sterling silver, Japanese glass beads and durable elastic band.

• Dimensions 17.5cm circumference
• Nickel free and hypoallergenic
• Free shipping orders over $80 within Australia

There are six species of wild, free ranging deer populations in Australia. Wild deer populations present in every state and territory of Australia.
Four of them are Asiatic species (chital, hog, rusa and sambar) and two species are European (Red and Fallow). 

Deer Spirit Bracelet is pictured with Pink Dolphin Spirit Bracelet, Golden Eagle Spirit Bracelet, Bottlenose Dolphin Spirit Bracelet and Gold filled paperclip bracelet. You will receive one Deer Spirit Bracelet with this order. For more beautiful bracelets to stack with this one, see our Bracelets Collection on this website.