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Gray Wolf Spirit Animal Bracelet

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Wolf Spirit is wanting you to tap into your inner knowledge and turn it into wisdom, then you will experience the magic. Wolf Spirit encourages you to know that when you look at the lessons you have learned, sit back and get in tune with your mind body and spirit. This will enable you to truly in align with your destiny.

Wolf Spirit Bracelet is made from sterling silver, Japanese glass beads and durable elastic band.
• Dimensions 17.5cm circumference
• Nickel free and hypoallergenic
• Free shipping orders over $80 within Australia

The Gray Wolf is considered an endangered specials. They are found in North America, Europe and Asia. The Gray wolf is most active at dawn and dusk. They hunt in packs usually comprised of a mated pair that are the most dominant and their offspring that are more than one year old.

Gray Wolf Spirit Bracelet is pictured with Deer Spirit Bracelet, and Gold filled paperclip bracelet. You will receive one Gray Wolf Spirit Bracelet with your order.
See our website for adding aesthetic and stacking one more feature bracelet to your order.